PCR 系列

1、A novel polypeptide CAPG-171aa encoded by circCAPG plays a critical role in triple-negative breast cancer   2023-07-05   IF:37.3

2、A Bacterial Effector Reveals the V-ATPase-ATG16L1 Axis that Initiates Xenophagy   2019-07-18   IF:36.216

3、Cytoplasmic DNA sensing by KU complex in aged CD4+ T cell potentiates T cell activation and aging-related autoimmune inflammation   2021-03-04   IF:31.745

4、Functional, structural and molecular characterizations of leukemogenic driver MEF2D-HNRNPUL1 fusion   2022-05-13   IF:23.629

5、Selective autophagy controls the stability of TBK1 via NEDD4 to balance host defense   2021-07-13   IF:15.828

6、Developmental mRNA m5C landscape and regulatory innovations of massive m5C modification of maternal mRNAs in animals   2022-05-05   IF:14.919

7、DNMT1 mediates the disturbed flow-induced endothelial to mesenchymal transition through disrupting β-alanine and carnosine homeostasis   2023-08-06   IF:12.4

8、irCLASH reveals RNA substrates recognized by human ADARs   2020-03-23   IF:11.98

9、Efficient base editing for multiple genes and loci in pigs using base editors   2019-06-28   IF:11.878

10、Brassinosteroids alleviate nanoplastic toxicity in edible plants by activating antioxidant defense systems and suppressing nanoplastic uptake   2023-03-25   IF:11.8

11、Rare POLN mutations confer risk for familial nasopharyngeal carcinoma through weakened Epstein-Barr virus lytic replication   2022-09-15   IF:11.205

12、New substituted quinoxalines inhibit triple-negative breast cancer by specifically downregulating the c-MYC transcription   2019-11-18   IF:11.147

13、Sense–antisense miRNA pairs constitute an elaborate reciprocal regulatory circuit   2020-05-01   IF:11.093

14、Complete gene sequence and mechanical property of the fourth type of major ampullate silk protein   2022-11-23   IF:10.633

15、Serum hepatitis B virus RNA is encapsidated pregenome RNA that may be associated with persistence of viral infection and rebound   2016-05-28   IF:10.59